Even if you don’t know what you want!

Carvings on a French Church

The Dream Reality Workshop – Making your dream a reality even if you don’t know what you want!

For years I thought I didn’t know what I wanted. I wandered from bookshop to internet to personal development course wondering if I would ever find out. But I needn’t have wondered. I was already doing what I wanted – reading books, getting information, attending courses. When I look back on that time I was doing exactly what I needed to do to become what I was becoming. I was putting in time in the 10,000 hours university.

There’s a book called Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell. In it he describes how experts in one particular area or another all share the phenomenon of having spent 10,000 hours working in their chosen field. Gladwell includes lots of stories. My favourite one is about the Beatles.

The Bar next door

Back in 1957, when they were starting out, the Beatles got an opportunity to play in a club in Hamburg, Germany. They weren’t very good, but no one complained, no one was listening…. they were playing in a strip club. The band was in training. By the time they had become famous in the early sixties they had performed live twelve hundred times. This training set the Beatles apart. The Beatles didn’t go to Hamburg for the training. They didn’t have a world domination plan. They went because they loved to play. The rest followed.

You do know what you want…. even if you don’t realise it!