Why Pontlevoy?

Maison Clergeau

The reason I want to bring people to this small town in the Loire is because its a place that has inspired me. Not in the beautiful buildings type of way (although there are some beautiful buildings). Not in the amazing shops kind of way (there are no craft shops!). Not in the luxurious accommodation kind of way (although the beds are comfortable). Instead, I was inspired by the people I met, by their stories and by their courage.

Front Room

Michele runs a small b&b in a very old town house which she is renovating bit by bit. She moved from a comfortable life in England to an uncertain life in France. Although she didn’t know how to make it work, she knew what she wanted. And although she has had moments wondering if this was the right thing to do she held on tight to her dream.

The first step is uncovering what you want, the second is holding on tight.