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Another New Normal

Eilish is gone. No, she’s not dead. She’s just gone home. We are learning to live in this new normal. How many new normals will there be? A friend reminded me that Darwin’s theory was not about survival of the … Continue reading

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We have a flour mountain…

We seem to be settling into a bit of a rut here at the moment, one day is very like the rest with spikes of excitement on grocery days and 5km walk day but last week there was a huge … Continue reading

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New Normal Gifting

I could hear Eilish rustling papers in the larder and wanted to know what she was up to, she told me to stop being so curious. Next thing she arrives out with a brown paper parcel tied with yarn. It … Continue reading

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The TO DO List exploded…

We are still working away in the garden but we have slowed down. Thankfully. My back was starting to ache and Eilish was getting better at being the boss of me. She has a very productive way of getting me … Continue reading

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Community Spirit

There’s a bigger prize than normality waiting for us on the far side of this… Continue reading

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Hidden Shed Treasures

And now we’re painting. Not art, no, the shed. Well it was bound to happen. I blame Eilish. She saw the old paint tins that I was storing until next year or the year after when I’d get the date … Continue reading

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The shredder is all mine…

The gardening continues. I’ve just realised this might be why my dabbling in the garden previously didn’t bear fruit (pun intended.) It’s a continuous game, gardening. Persistence is rewarded and popping in and out once a month is very much … Continue reading

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