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Foz by the Sea

(See the house out on the edge of the cliff?) We’re still in the place near the sea with the funny name – Foz. We’ve had our walk, I’m considering starting the couch to 5km running program again but I … Continue reading

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Change of Plans

(See the snow on the mountains outside town?) There I was getting a quick look (literally, I’m not joking, 30 seconds of a look) at the pretty pictures on Instagram and I spot my best friend/bridesmaid from the 80’s who … Continue reading

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Creative Pathfinding

(More pictures from the place by the sea, Cóbreces) We had a bit of a hiccup this morning… it started to rain. Ok so I’m not saying we can’t cope with rain, of course I’m not. It’s just you build … Continue reading

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Nice cow

We are continuing our journey along northern Spain… slowly. We’ve reduced the driving time to an hour so Denis can work as normal. And we are zig zagging across the motorway (not as dangerous as it sounds) to spend a night near the sea followed by a night in the hills. Continue reading

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Ruby fits in just fine

(Plenty of room) We’re in Spain! We had hoped to move diagonally across Spain to Portugal but the elevation means they’ll be getting snow on Thursday… and we don’t need any more snow experiences, thank you. So we are (sort … Continue reading

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And…. We’re Off!

(From Greystones to…) It’s an absolutely beautiful day here in Ireland and we are on our travels again! It’s a bit later this year because last March we missed the snow in Ireland, so we waited to see what all … Continue reading

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If this is your first visit…

If this is your first visit to the blog, Welcome! (That’s me back in 2010 when we travelled by motorbike) My name is Mairead Hennessy and I write about travelling with my husband, Denis. We live in Greystones, Co. Wicklow, … Continue reading

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