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The War Memorial Effect

(Dun sur Meuse) We’re back in France and we’ve been wandering along the river Meuse while we’re here. Never heard of the Meuse and very happy to find it. And we’ve visited another war memorial/museum. It was at Verdun, called … Continue reading

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Moseying along the Moselle

(Lots of half-timber houses in Germany) Just arrived in the Moselle region of Germany. We have been on our way here since Denmark, about a week ago. This area is famous for its wines. We got the last spot in … Continue reading

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Breakfast at the Traditional Danish Longhouse

(Danish cow. Don’t worry, she’s behind an electric fence) We’re in Germany today, in a town called Friedrichstradt, having arrived from Denmark this morning. We’ve been rambling around a tiny portion of Jutland for the past four days. Not really long … Continue reading

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Peace Perfect Peace

(Peace is the same no matter what the language… panels from the Memorial at Notre Dame de Lorette National Cemetery) We are travelling again. In fact we have been travelling for a bit now… We travelled through Normandy (France) and into … Continue reading

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What if life was just about being?

I often think about the messages life brings us… not necessarily the hard messages, the illnesses or the problems. But the small warm and gentle encouraging messages. Messages that in a normal day, we can miss. Continue reading

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The Complain App

Gratitude, do I appreciate what I have? Nope. I am sitting looking out at the sun, the temperature is increasing and it will be a hot day but unless I stay super aware all day I will forget that this is amazing, that there is hot sun and I am bathed in it. Continue reading

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The castle at Alcácer do Sal

(I took the scenic (i.e. scary) route to the castle) We’re still at the campsite with the great washing machine and I finally went to see the castle. It’s not really a castle, just the ruins of the walls of … Continue reading

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