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The Library

(I’m at the Library) So today, on the lookout for a Portuguese venue to rival McDonalds, I’ve come to the library. And I can report that the chairs are comfy, there is indeed wifi and I can sit here for … Continue reading

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Kickstart Your Creativity in 2014

Creative Space Sessions. You might think you haven’t a creativity bone in your body and you might be right! Creative bones need to be nurtured and what have you been doing to nurture them? Saying things like, “I’m no good at drawing… … Continue reading

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Fearlessness in Baby Steps

(French window) Ok….. so, I’m supposed to be practicing (from the dictionary: the actual application or use of an idea, belief, or method as opposed to theories about such application or use) my fearlessness this week. I was figuring that might include … Continue reading

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I’m bursting to share this thing…..

(Lavender) AAAAAh I was taking to someone over the weekend and they asked me what I was up to and I mentioned my Kickstart you Creativity course was starting in November. And as I mumbled and stuttered through some kind … Continue reading

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Parthenay – not just a pretty town

(This is the Courgette Chocolate Cake – yummy! And no I didn’t make it…) It is so hot here today. It was so hot yesterday too. At the weekend we went to visit a little town called Parthenay. It’s a … Continue reading

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I have a very little fridge and I’m not going to fill it up with rain

(Some perfect scraps of paper) It seems to have rained all night so the ground was very wet this morning…. but it’s sunny now so I’m sitting outside on the swing. Since we got here I’ve been making craft stuff … Continue reading

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And so the work begins….

(The tunnel of tress) Last evening we went for a walk. There’s a farm lane at then end of our road and we followed it the first evening we arrived but there were signs and as we couldn’t read them (!) we … Continue reading

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