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Making peace with embarrassment

(Palm tree trunk) We’re still in Luz so I’m getting comfortable here, starting to feel right at home… which means some of my old habits are popping up. (By the way, I’m working away happily on my book so that’s … Continue reading

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The eBook is out!

Well it’s finally happened…The eBook is live on Amazon! You might remember I mentioned it last September on this blog post in Creative Calm. So I wrote, edited, got scared, edited some more, went into a small decline, edited some … Continue reading

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Free Tea! Free Coffee!

(Art on the old city wall) Before we got here I was researching Krakow (with help, thank you Magda!) and one of the things I found was a free cafe, called Cafe Fińska. Well, almost free… in return for a … Continue reading

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Odd Day in the Czech Republic

(Building on our street, in Prague) I did something in public yesterday that I’ve never done before. Crochet. Yes, I had been telling you how I will be working away on the train to Krakow but there was every chance … Continue reading

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Kickstart Your Creativity in 2014

Creative Space Sessions. You might think you haven’t a creativity bone in your body and you might be right! Creative bones need to be nurtured and what have you been doing to nurture them? Saying things like, “I’m no good at drawing… … Continue reading

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Sunday Walking

(The one picture in Marley Park) We are continuing our new tradition of a Sunday walk and today we went back to Marley Park. We didn’t bring the camera…. we’re a bit lazy and anyway we both had cameras in … Continue reading

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Just Walk

You might remember my budding exercise regime? I was going to walk everyday. I was even thinking of walking on the wet days.Well, it’s been faltering a bit. Now, I had read somewhere that if you can repeat something for … Continue reading

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