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Sometimes it rains in Portugal…

It’s raining! I know you will be disappointed for me but I’m ok, I have some work to do so it’s probably just as well I won’t be able to sit outside sunning myself… I hear it’s sunny in Ireland! … Continue reading

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I think… a lot

(The rocks at the lighthouse near Sagres, Portugal) It’s coming towards the end of this journey and as always my mind stops living in the present and moves ahead. It’s very counter productive because on the one hand I am … Continue reading

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Portugal: Day 1 Part 3

(Love this! And it’s exactly the right size for the roads) So…We found a campsite in a forest full of birdsong, the wi-fi wasn’t great, we set off in search of mobile wi-fi, drive on little roads. me I’m nervous, the perfect Phone … Continue reading

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Old woman, Old man, Woods – Story

(Patterns… cabbage) I was watching an art video on YouTube today and it reminded me (long story) that sometimes what other people hear in their heads isn’t what we thought we said. Many years ago I attended a course where … Continue reading

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If you only had one… What would you do… With that day?

(Cute (Little gazebo in the walled garden in Marley Park) I have lots of old magazines. I brought three with me to France to use in my collages and montages. I didn’t really think three would be enough, which reminds me of … Continue reading

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My bottle of Glue…

(There’s a crack in everything. That’s how the light get’s in – Leonard Cohen.) I bought a bottle of glue before we left Ireland. It’s almost empty. It has been the best glue I have ever used. Not that it’s … Continue reading

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How often do Ryanair fly out of Pisa? Anyone?

We’re leaving Florence today, well, tomorrow as I write and we’re leaving very early (read 9am…) so I anticipate having too little time then (now, to you) to write so I’m writing now…. which is in the past… which means … Continue reading

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