My Perfect Sandwich

(Rasberries and chocolate, yum)

Had a lovely time at another coffee shop on Saturday. KC Peaches is opposite Trinity College in Dublin, where Fred Hanna the bookshop used to be. As you cross the tiled threshold and look down you can still see the original name. The exterior is painted blue, my favourite colour so I was happy just walking in.

(Nice stones)

Then I had a bit of a dilemma…. the choice of salads and breads and fillings and hot foods was unsettling. I wandered back and forth for a good five minutes without gaining clarity. And then the nice server caught my eye. What can I get you today? he asked. I didn’t know, so I said, I want something for lunch but don’t know how it works, followed closely by, do you have any sandwiches?

His little face melted, We do but wouldn’t it be nicer to pick exactly what you want, I’ll help you. And my little face melted too, Ok, that does sound good.

(Old Irish stamps in the old post office in Blackrock, now a Starbucks)

And he helped me. He spread exactly the right amount of butter, on the exact shade of brown, brown bread and the exact number of sun-dried tomatoes with the exact number of bits of bland cheese (I don’t like cheese unless it’s bland…). Then he sent me off to order my tea and to find a place to sit. While I was waiting to give my tea order he followed me over to check the exact lettuce I liked, Rocket please. And did I want my sandwich toasted, Yes, please.

(sigh, blue)

Then he found me and put my tea and my exactly perfect sandwich on my table and off he went. And I ate my perfect sandwich. Two things…. my perfect sandwich isn’t to everyone else’s taste and sometimes we need help to choose what we want.

Thank you nice young man in KC Peaches, Mairead.