This is it!

We’re sitting in a Starbucks very near Stansted airport, availing of their wi-fi, their porridge (I’ve missed porridge…) and their coffee for Denis and their tea for me. We got off the Hook of Holland to Harwich ferry at 6.30am this morning and we are now on our way across England and Wales to the ferry home at Holyhead.

05 07a

(Welcome to the Netherlands)

I forget what happened yesterday…. there was driving, stopping, food, weather, with high of 24 and no rain. Then at the end of the day we had a little time before we needed to get to the ferry and we went to have a look at Delft. Vermeer (he of the Girl with the Pearl Earring (the painting not the book)) lived here and painted some street scenes of the town, so I wanted a look.

05 07c

(Pretty Delft)

Well, it is beautiful, a little Venice. Not great for getting around on a bike, unless it’s a pushbike, but beautiful nonetheless. So we looked for a parking spot and only found little ones a bit close to the canal for comfort. Instead I jumped off and took a few pictures. It’s definitely worth another visit.

05 07f

(Those little spaces between the trees were for parking….)

So that’s it, all over bar the final few kilometres. It’s been an experience and it’s been great sharing it with you. Thank you for your encouraging texts, mails and comments. Consider sharing your own trip, I can definitely recommend the recording of experience. It helps me see the big picture, the one that shows me…. this is it. This is the life I’m living. Is it the one I want? And if it’s not what is it I do want?

05 07b

(Just a note about our petrol prices in Ireland… could be worse! This is Germany, it was worse in Italy)

It’s been a blast and now I’m ready for my bed, just another 15 hours to go zzzzZZZZ….. Mairead.

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